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The DÉKUPLE agency brings powerful brand experiences to life.

Our clients consult the creative agency and its studio to create a buzz, generate a WOW effect and activate marketing highlights, highly digitized with the use of data at the service of creativity.


Discover our vision of creativity to boost marketing impact.


First there is the idea, the right concept! Then our creative studio and the data experts at Dékuple rethink digital ecosystems and deploy innovative “drive to store” digital campaigns using technology (Virtual Reality, 3D, podcasts, etc.) and channels (Twitch, TikTok, Snapchat, Spotify, etc.). The digital native team integrates social media and influence at the heart of the devices to amplify their resonance.

Whatever the brand, we seek to challenge it and take it out of its comfort zone to surprise marketing teams and consumers alike.


Giving 200 influencers a 360-degree VR experience and creating a virtual tour of the Perle de Lait brand ranges, we imagined it and we did it!


Perle de lait VR



The creative studio is there to think “out of the box” and to imagine what you haven’t dared to do for your brand.

On the day of the brief, do you think the brand Ben&Jerry’s had imagined covering and playing with the entire Opera metro station or ending up at the WeLoveGreen festival in a “Peace love & Iceberg” ranch?


Let yourself be surprised by the creative audacity of the Dékuple agency!




Making noise, aiming for the buzz, being where we are not expected… it speaks to us!

Through traditional or more original channels, our creative studio takes you off the beaten track and amplifies the impact of noise marketing operations in social media and press relations.


For those who haven’t seen the Bat Signal on the streets of Paris, it was a street marketing activation for Lego and Batman.

Batman Lego street marketing



We seek to surprise, move and bring tangible benefit to the consumer through impactful advertising campaigns.

For Chandon, a former Formula 1 partner, we had to carry out an international campaign that would be as successful in Japan, Russia and the United States.


Speak to everyone, aim for immediacy and performance… that was the objective of the campaign below:

Référence Vins et spiritueux



Creating branded content is one thing, bringing consistency to a brand is another! We want to guarantee the “meaning” and reach of brand messages through devices rich in “smart content”. Whether through brand content or user-centric content marketing.

We could have done a “100% lol” digital activation with YOP, but we don’t take teenagers for children… so we thought up a digital campaign carried by Star influencers to help find your way with a personality test that disheveled.


Enough to open your chakras and project yourself into professions that are as cool as they are accessible if you believe in yourself!


YOP influence



Data is above all a mass of information generated by consumers that must be analyzed and filtered to better understand consumers and meet their needs and desires.

How does this concern the Dékuple agency and its creative studio? The collection of data, their analysis by the strategic planning team and their creative use are at the heart of our agency model.

It was by analyzing data on the use of Brossard magnets that we discovered a “black market” of magnets that escaped the brand. So we had the idea of ​​recovering this natural traffic to the brand’s website by creating an exchange platform called Troc’N Magnet. A creative approach at the service of first party data collection!

Magnets Brossard Savane