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data-enhanced strategic planning

The possibilities offered by the exploitation of data now make it possible to increase tenfold the knowledge that a brand can have of its market, its customers, its sector. This is why data is also at the heart of our strategic planning expertise.

data-informed strategic inspiration

Data is at the heart of the agency’s strategic planning to:

  • Feed strategic thinking by integrating unstructured data into your analyzes
  • Save time analyzing online conversations
  • Be more objective in dealing with key issues for the agency
  • Facilitate an exploratory process in order to detect new trends
  • Develop new positioning offers on the market

A methodology hybridizing artificial and human intelligence

Artificial intelligence makes it possible to quickly analyze a large amount of data collected, to sort them, to segment them in order to bring out themes, insights, weak signals, which are difficult to identify otherwise.

Human intelligence, thanks to the strategic planning team, brings finesse to the understanding and especially to the recommendations made to the brand. The Dékuple Ingénierie Marketing teams process the data collected and analyze it in order to transform it into applicable strategic foundations.

2 data-enhanced strategic planning offers

Dékuple Listen and Dékuple Watch are two complementary offers that increase the relevance and inspiration of strategic planning thanks to the power of data.

These two offers can be activated for both French and international audiences, with the constant desire for a balance between artificial and human intelligence.

1. Dekuple Listen:
listening and semantic analysis


Determine the main insights concerning a market, a use, a product category.


1. Listening to digital platforms (social networks, blogs, forums, etc.) and collecting data correlated to a theme

2. Identification of semantic fields and trends related to these data, thanks to artificial intelligence

3. Analysis by strategic planning (share of voice, share of interactivity, engagement rate, media value, social reputation score, share of reach) and concrete recommendations for the brand

Use case:

  • Identify the levers to activate for a given sector,
  • the discriminating criteria for choosing an offer,
  • the expectations of consumers expressed with regard to an offer,
  • the themes associated with a brand, a use,
  • the best times to communicate, opinion leaders and potential ambassadors.


2. Dekuple Watch:
observation and analysis of digital behavior


Observe and analyze the digital behavior of an audience, to decipher consumer habits and detect insights and weak signals.


1. Exploratory analysis on defined audiences, using data from our profiling tools, open data and the advertiser’s first party data

2. Data visualization: presentation of audience data, filtered and qualified using thousands of criteria

3. Definition of personae

4. Identification of opportunities for activation strategies, partnerships or other advertising campaigns

Use case:

  • Define the starting point for activation strategies,
  • partnerships,
  • advertising campaigns.
  • Optimize media campaigns.

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