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Overview of loyalty techniques

Which loyalty levers should be chosen to best develop the value of its customers?


A few figures make it possible to evaluate the importance of loyalty as an economic issue for companies and brands:

68% of customers leave because of lack of contact rather than other reasons
70% of buying decisions are made on purely emotional grounds and not on reasoned grounds

Building customer loyalty requires a global reflection on the customer journey, and in particular on the levers enabled by data. In concrete terms, which loyalty levers should be chosen to develop the value of customers?

Discover our tips and use cases in this white paper.

1. Some key figures

Customer loyalty is a major challenge for companies. And the transformation of raw data into useful and relevant information for CRM is becoming a necessity in order to set up effective loyalty programmes.

2. The value of data: A necessary subject for an effective and sustainable loyalty programme

The objectives assigned to loyalty programmes have diversified in recent years: in addition to the direct impact on sales, the provision of services or benefits to generate preference and increase retention, better knowledge of customers through data, and the identification of ambassadors are also part of the objectives assigned to loyalty programmes.

3. Develop customer value through a tailor-made, data-driven loyalty programme

Before talking about a loyalty strategy, the first challenge in the age of multiple channels is to be able to recognise a customer each time they come into contact with your brand or company.

4. Using data to better understand customer needs and expectations

5. Case studies


Retain Thermomix customers with a programme tailored to the customer’s level of commitment

Asturienne (Saint-Gobain group)

Retain craftsmen through a tailor-made programme adapted to their activity and needs

La Redoute

Develop an order acknowledgement system

Société Générale

Building loyalty among Société Générale customers through special magazine offers

Bouygues Telecom

Mixing CRM and Digital Paid Media to gain relevance and cross sell effectiveness




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