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Strengthen sell-out by stimulating consumer purchases

Coca-Cola wishes to develop its sales in supermarkets (supermarkets), while increasing its customer knowledge.

Our answer
for Coca-Cola

Creation of a dedicated highlight campaign, with an incentive for the consumer to purchase at the point of sale, and a device allowing the collection of first-party data.

  • 1

    Creation of a white label platform with access to more than 5,000 local activities, and some digital gifts.

  • 2

    Printing and application of stickers with a unique code for each product.

  • 3

    Turnkey management of access to gifts by consumers, via the dedicated and personalized digital interface for the Coca-Cola brand.

The key points

A 100% winning offer: 1 purchase = 1 gift

Affinity proposals with the target

A very simple customer journey

How does DÉKUPLE makes the difference?

Turnkey device, from creation to implementation with the gift platform.

A device with high ROI, reconciling a strong perception by the customer and an optimized budget.

The results

additional sales
Collection of consumers' data
Strengthening brand attachment