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Downloadable guidebooks

Why are downloadable guidebooks used for lead collection?

Guidebooks are expert contents on topics related to your business, in which your prospects are showing interest during their purchase cycle. These include, for example, studies, overviews or white papers. The document is available for download on a web page, free of charge but on condition of filling out a form. You thus collect precise and reliable data on hot prospects, since they are in the research and information phase. This content is highly appreciated by prospects in B2B or in the context of “engaging” sales (real estate, banking, insurance, energy, etc.), and they can also be valued via social networks or natural referencing (SEO) to implement an inbound marketing strategy.

Our solution for using guidebooks in inbound marketing

We are setting up a dedicated mini-site with a form for collecting data on the Internet user: title, first name, last name, addresses, date of birth, telephone, etc.

Once the registration on the form is complete, the Internet user can download the proposed guide.

Each registrant generated on the form constitutes a telephone record of a potential customer, interested in the product and seeking information in the Guide. You can call him back to offer him your investment products.