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Our CSR commitments


The Dékuple agency is a subsidiary of the Dékuple group, a family company with strong values ​​and a stable shareholding, which has always focused its actions on the long term. Since its creation, the Group has paid particular attention to its employees and its ecosystem, with whom it works in confidence over the long term. Since the 2000s, the Group has developed a rigorous and optimistic Social and Environmental Responsibility (CSR) policy, integrated into its projects and its innovation at the service of its customers.

The Dékuple agency takes over 100% of the CSR policy of the Dékuple group, and completes it with commitments more particularly linked to its activity as a marketing and communication consulting agency.

The commitments of the Dékuple agency are based on the 3 values ​​of the Dékuple Group, which we promote to our employees and our partners, whether they are customers or suppliers.

These 3 values ​​are:

The spirit of conquest

  • We are 100% invested in bringing our projects to life and supporting those of our customers and partners.
  • We explore new horizons in order to push our limits.
  • In “test & learn” mode, we constantly learn from our mistakes.

The respect

  • We are proud of our diversity.
  • We do not compromise with respect for the law.
  • We remain humble and honest with our customers.

Mutual aid

  • We move forward together to succeed collectively.
  • We want to know and understand each other.
  • We have confidence in the future we are building together.

This page presents the additional commitments for the Dékuple agency.


1. Responsibility towards our employees

The agency defends and contributes to the commitments made by Dékuple, which is a signatory of the Diversity Charter.

We fight against all forms of discrimination and promote openness to others and inclusiveness, during recruitment and on a daily basis in interactions within the agency.

We have the ambition to retain our talents and help them grow: this is why we focus on training and support from managers. Everyone has the right to make mistakes, because we believe in trying and testing to progress and improve.

Our trainees are paid, and when we recruit trainees and work-study trainees, we supervise them and are committed to offering them a rich and constructive professional experience as part of their training.

We regularly evaluate (every quarter when possible and at least once a year) the agency’s employees, in order to provide them with the best support and give them visibility on their progress.

We share the agency’s strategy and results with the team, through regular meetings, in order to involve, associate and empower everyone.

Everyone’s initiative is encouraged, whether to animate the life of the agency, to improve its organization or to contribute to its strategy, its offer and its marketing. We consider that the voice of the teams is essential: this is why we offer a regular and anonymous survey to assess the motivation and well-being of the teams at work. We give them the opportunity to express their satisfaction or dissatisfaction, or to share ideas and feedback. These results are reviewed regularly and communicated within the agency to assess our collective progress.

Finally, we believe that the influence of our teams must go beyond their day-to-day work, and that the experience lived by everyone within the agency can be shared with students aspiring to do our jobs: this is why we encourage our employees to become mentors with My Job Glasses.


2. Responsibility towards our customers and suppliers

The Dékuple agency considers its customers and suppliers as partners. We are convinced that the trust, respect and stability of our relationships with our customers and with our suppliers lead to greater performance of the projects carried out, and this in a common interest.

Beyond scrupulous compliance with legal commitments and commitments made with our partners, we place transparency at the heart of our customer and supplier relationships. We announce budgets and schedules in an honest and reasonable way from the start of projects. We do not compromise with the quality of the productions and strictly respect the established specifications, which we help to specify with our partners.

As an advisory service provider, we consider it essential to enlighten our clients with all the elements at our disposal and to make the best recommendations in their particular context and interest.

In order to commit ourselves to healthier and more balanced agency-advertiser relations, and because we consider calls for tenders to be an essential framework and a founding moment in this relationship, we have signed the Belle Compétition charter. The Charter is based on three general commitments: transparency, responsibility and sincerity and proposes, for each of them, objective criteria allowing them to be implemented in calls for tenders. Agencies and companies/advertisers who have signed the Charter undertake to apply a significant part of these criteria in the calls for tenders they lead or in which they participate, by placing themselves in a process of progress.

To allow our clients to share their opinion on their relationship with the Dékuple agency, we set up an annual evaluation, based on an anonymous survey of all our clients, with the HappyIndex®Clients model. This model is based on 4 axes: Service (satisfaction with the quality of the service), Agility (creation of maximized value), Relationship (respect and courtesy), and ESG (Environment, Social and Governance)

Finally, within the framework of the Dékuple Group’s Code of Conduct, each of the agency’s employees is informed and undertakes to respect the rules of the fight against corruption and the right to competition.

Fight against corruption

The Dékuple Group adopts an approach based on the principle of “zero tolerance” with regard to active or passive corruption and influence peddling. Also, the Dékuple Group undertakes to prohibit all forms of corruption in the conduct of its activities and to comply with international anti-corruption conventions, in particular the anti-corruption laws of the countries in which it operates (in particular French law n°2016-1691 of December 9, 2016, known as Sapin II).

Right to competition

The Dékuple Group respects the rules of free competition and in particular condemns any agreement between competitors and any abuse of a dominant position. The Dékuple Group prohibits its employees from exchanging sensitive information with competitors. Any incident or doubt concerning competition law must be brought to the attention of the Group Legal Director to receive appropriate and diligent treatment.


3. Environmental responsibility

We engage our agency in a process of limiting the ecological impact at all levels. We do this in a holistic approach, which affects both our employees and the customers and suppliers with whom we choose to work.

In our internal way-of-working

We provide our employees with recommendations aimed at reducing the ecological impact of our daily activity, both in the office and when working remotely. For this, we rely on the recommendations of ADEME.

Our employees are regularly informed: a presentation session on ADEME’s recommendations is offered to everyone once a year, and the ADEME guide is sent to each employee in their “welcome kit” within the agency .

As part of our services for advertisers

The agency provides communication and marketing consulting services of various kinds. For each of these services, we set up a framework for assessing and monitoring the environmental impact, as well as good practices in the design and management of these projects with our partners.

– Design of advertising messages

We pay particular attention to the content of the advertising messages we create for advertisers, in order to avoid any “greenwashing”. We offer our customers and employees awareness sessions on this subject, based on the content of a webinar broadcast by ADEME with the AACC in 2021, as well as content regularly published by ADEME on the “ responsible communication”.

– Audiovisual production

We work with production companies that limit their environmental impact during filming (waste recycling, responsible purchasing of sets, no bottles, plastic cups, energy-efficient studio, access to public transport, etc.). We ask the production companies we work with to assess the level of CO2 emissions of the projects carried out for the Dékuple agency with an online calculator such as Carbon Clap.

– Digital production and digital services

We have selected digital production companies, with whom we collaborate regularly, ensuring that they are aligned with our commitments in terms of digital sobriety, and that they are able to support us in the design and development of websites. meeting specific eco-design criteria.

We estimate the carbon footprint of the websites created by our clients (with the EcoIndex solution, published by GreenIT), in order to allow a comparison and a progressive improvement of the ecological footprint of the websites produced and managed by the agency.
We offer (every year) to our employees, as well as occasionally to our customers, awareness sessions on the challenges and principles of digital eco-design. We systematically include in our proposals to our clients recommendations in order to reduce the ecological footprint of websites from their design.

Finally, we offer our customers to host the websites produced at OVHCloud, in data centers based in France, with one of the highest energy efficiency in the world (PUE of 1.09 to 1.10).

– Email campaigns

We conduct emailing campaigns for our advertiser clients. We are aware of the ecological impact of emails, and we strive to limit the impact.
We integrate sobriety into the design of emails: limiting content to what is necessary and serving the main objective of the campaign, limiting the number of images and their weight.

We are committed to the Email Expiration Date initiative, in order to limit the ecological impact of advertising emails stored unnecessarily in mailboxes. The principle is to create a standard to define an expiration date on these emails, which would then allow messaging solutions to automatically delete these emails.

– Print mail direct marketing campaigns

Our actions have made it possible to promote the eco-design of documents by using paper from sustainably managed forests and by limiting disruptive factors in paper recycling. We have also encouraged the emergence of the use of so-called white inks among its rotary printers by banishing from our productions inks based on mineral oils presenting health risks.

In 2022, the Dékuple group also equipped itself with its own carbon emissions calculator for printed marketing materials.

We encourage our customers to use printed marketing material in a reasoned and very targeted way. We propose to calculate the CO2 emissions of the campaigns carried out in order to allow our customers to evaluate the marketing performance generated with regard to the ecological (and not only economic) cost. We support our clients in testing digital levers as an alternative to paper, in order to compare economic and ecological performance, and, if necessary, allow paper to be reduced in the marketing mix.


5. Digital responsibility

We make a concrete commitment through our initiatives and projects, and in particular on the following aspects.

5.1. Eco-design of websites and digital services

See previous chapter: Environmental responsibility.

5.2. Digital accessibility

As an expert digital agency, we are committed to creating value from the digital devices produced, whatever their targets. We are sensitive to the principles of digital accessibility, in order to allow all audiences to access the services and content produced, as much as possible.

We support our clients in terms of accessibility, by raising their awareness of the principles and issues, and by integrating concrete recommendations into our proposals.

We are able to meet specific standards in terms of accessibility, and in particular on the basis of the General Repository for Improving Accessibility (RGAA).

We offer our employees and customers an awareness session on the principles and challenges of digital accessibility.

We systematically measure the accessibility of the websites we produce with the Accessibility Checker tool, even when no certification objective has been requested by our clients: this allows us to compare the level of accessibility of the websites produced, and to create the conditions for continuous improvement of their accessibility.

5.3. Protection of personal data

As data marketing experts, we provide services for advertisers that lead us to process personal data. In this context, we scrupulously apply the principles of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

As a subcontractor, we act in total transparency with our advertiser clients, and we comply with their requirements for the processing of personal data when they are more demanding than the GDPR.

We take care to collect only the data that is useful and necessary for the service of users, within the framework of the marketing projects entrusted to us. We offer solutions to secure data processing in the implementation of projects and ensure that our customers meet their own commitments as data controllers under the GDPR.


Last update : 09/09/2022.