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Superbowl 2023: Touchdown for advertising!

Who says television event, says well-known advertising and those of the Super Bowl are to be among the most creative… What trends can we release from the 2023 edition?

1. Back to the event

Monday, February 13, 2023, the Kansas City Chiefs won against the Philadelphia Eagles in the 57th edition of the American Superbowl, that is to say the final of the NFL (National Football League, US American football championship) .

In addition to the show and great return of Rihanna almost eclipsed by the performance of the translator Justina Miles, it was the sporting event of this beginning of the year.

This edition attracted an average of 113 million viewers, including 7 million in streaming, in the United States alone. As a result, it ranks in the top 3 highest audiences in American television history and also represents the highest audience for a sporting event since 2017.

Who says television event, necessarily says advertising and those of the Super Bowl are known to be among the most creative… It is THE evening awaited by advertising professionals every year. This year, the 30 seconds were trading for “only” $7 million. We are also talking about an event where 42% of viewers say they tune in specifically to take advantage of the ads, and where 50% say they have purchased a product or service based on one of these ads they saw during the super bowl.

2. Why are Super Bowl ads iconic?

Being one of the most popular sporting events in the United States, advertisers tend to use it as a real marketing springboard for the notoriety of their products and services. The strategy consists of reserving the premiere of an advertising film for this event, like an advertising jewel presented in its case: the impact on the public of the event and above all the media fallout from this broadcast make it possible to amplify the hearing.

Both through the exorbitant price of the 30-second spot, and the profusion of stars, advertisers try to generate as much buzz as possible around these advertisements. The latter have become cultural phenomena in their own right, alongside the sporting match itself. Among the best known, we can cite in particular 1984, the Apple advertisement.

So to make a good announcement at the Super Bowl there is not really a miracle recipe, but simply 3 ingredients:

  • Popular culture:

Some of the most memorable commercials infuse popular culture to, in turn, create spots that fit into popular culture. (HBO, Apple, Budweiser…)

  • Identification :

Advertisements immerse us in the skin of their protagonists. You identify with the characters presented on a deeper level. The classic formula of Super Bowl ads is above all full of stars, who make rather nice jokes.

  • Emotions :

Joy, sadness or optimism, most advertisements attract our attention with subjects that intrigue and arouse emotions, which is why we retain them.

3. This year’s advertising trends

The Celebrity Endorsement that too often outweighs the idea

Ben Stiller, Steve Martin, John Hamm, Brie Larson, Walter White, Jess Pinkman, the guitarist of the group Kiss to name a few, so many stars who were present in the advertisements of this year.

The recipe works well and has been the same for several editions. So of course, stars sell and it’s a good way for viewers to identify with brands, but it’s a bit of an easy choice. Unfortunately, the star presence too often trumps the idea and this year is one to remember for publicity because of its rather nuanced success.

Stars from the networks who are increasingly immersing themselves in mainstream media.

If we had to cite a novelty, it would be the appearance of web stars who are increasingly immersing themselves in more mainstream media. The advertisement for the insurance company group State Farm, presents us this year with a collaboration with the tiktoker Khaby Lame, the one with the most subscribers in the world with 151 million subscribers.

This marriage between several media illustrates the influence of TikTok on other platforms such as TV, but also on popular culture.

4. Back to the 3 outstanding campaigns of this year

GM X Netflix – Why not an EV ?

This rather unexpected collaboration illustrates Netflix’s desire to put more electric vehicles in their productions. The streaming platform is taking advantage of GM’s credibility to announce that it will now highlight electric vehicles in its most popular series. We can find references to Squid Game, Stranger Things, Queer Eye, etc… But also the presence of several stars of the series to talk about GM’s electric vehicle offer. This fully illustrates the change of mentality in which we live today.

Squarespace – The Singularity

The Squarespace ad stands out from all the other ads we saw at the Superbowl halftime. It stands out for the quality of the production and a rather unexpected creative proposal, which is inspired a little by that of Apple: 1984.

In this staging orchestrated by filmmaker Aoife McArdle, we find actor Adam Driver who wonders about the genesis of Squarespace and the “absurd idea” that it is a website that creates websites.

PopCorners – Breaking good

The duo Walter White and Jesse Pinkman are back with a new addictive substance, and fans of the Breaking Bad series are served!

The chipsier PopCorners reinvents emblematic scenes and parodies the Breaking Bad series quite aptly.

The insight is true: Chips can be compared to drugs, an addiction, so it’s hard to quit and who better than actors Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul to tell us about it?

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