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The power of geomarketing at the service of Drive-To-Store

a decision-making tool for your marketing strategy

Thanks to the combination of a very large number of geographic data and socio-demographic data at the IRIS mesh, the GeoTARGET solution is a real tool to help with management and decision-making for your marketing strategy.

There are 4 good reasons to analyze your environment using geomarketing:

– Avoid advertising waste
– Predict the best distribution areas for your messages
– Improve knowledge of your customers
– Analyze your performance and that of your competitors

The alliance of Artificial Intelligence and mass data brings power to geomarketing and guarantees an excellent return on investment (ROI).

Illustration des zones géographiques concentriques analysées autour du point de vente

Determine where your customers come from
Use cases

1. Provenance analysis
Using GeoTARGET technology, we determine which IRIS zones people traveling within a predefined geographic area come from.

2. Customer journey analysis
Thanks to our technology, we can trace the journey of consumers, know if they visit potential competitors, and if so, which ones and how often.

3. Targeting Optimization
You will be able to anticipate, compare, adjust and check your media budgets based on where your customers come from and those you want to prioritize.

4. A dashboard with all the KPIs
Access to KPIs in full API or Back Office in self-service

1. Origin

Based on visitor movement data in a point of sale, you can determine the percentage of visitors, thus knowing who comes from this or that area (department, IRIS or department).

This makes it possible to identify the areas on which to communicate… or on the contrary, not to communicate.

Illustration des zones de provenance des clients d'un point de vente avec pourcentage

2. Competition

Illustration de l'analyse des concurrents du point de vente

Based on the data associated with a geographical area (department, IRIS or square) you can know the share of traffic that you hold and compare with that of your competitors.

You can therefore follow this evolution over time and know the overall effectiveness of your communication plan.

3. Target areas

Based on visitor movement data in a point of sale, you can determine the percentage of visitors, thus knowing who comes from this or that area (department, IRIS or department).

It can thus determine whether the investment dedicated to an area is effective or not. Investments can therefore be arbitrated on the basis of concrete figures.

Illustration de l'analyse des zones de diffusion média du point de vente

Monitor KPIs with our geomarketing platform

  • Number of unique visitors who visited the PDV
  • Attendance at the point of sale by origin
  • Pedestrian crossing traffic in front of the POS or defined area
  • POS affinity rate
  • Time spent (in minutes) within the POS
  • Number of visits made by the same visitor
  • Visitor Demographics
  • Demographic characteristics of passersby
  • Motorized vehicle traffic
  • Travel time between origin and destination
  • Number of visitor flows returned according to the place of origin
  • Retroactivity of data at 30 days (modifiable)
  • Data logging 3 years