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Measure and manage the real effectiveness of your omni-channel marketing investments with unrivaled reliability and precision.

Measuring Traffic in Brick-and-Mortar Stores and E-commerce

TRACK in the SHOP is a solution for measuring on & offline conversions in physical stores and commercial sites.

From the first media exposure to payment, online and in store, TRACK in the SHOP allows you to determine and anticipate the real impact of your media investments on foot traffic and sales with unmatched precision.

How does the solution work?

Using a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi box to be installed at the entrance of the stores, or thanks to a network of apps providing GDPR-compliant geolocated data, we analyze the traffic generated by each touchpoint to identify the best customer journeys.

A unique token technology then allows us to recognize individuals and unify all the steps of your visitors’ media journey. This reconciliation is carried out by a trusted third party.


Measuring in-store on and off-line visits with Track in the Shop


Management of KPIs on D+1

All of the following indicators are then available for very detailed monitoring of your traffic acquisition performance:

  • 1st store visit
  • Total volume of store visits
  • Volumes of impressions, clicks, openings, etc…
  • Number of online and in-store visits
  • Cost per visit and incremental visit cost
  • Turnover and ROI/ ROAS
  • Attribution & contribution
  • Result granularity level: national | by store | by campaign
  • Automatic reports


Key Features of Track in the Shop

  • Data source: GPS + Wifi + Bluetooth
  • Precision: to the meter
  • Extrapolation: low
  • Results and optimizations: D+1
  • Granularity: by store, by campaign, nationally
  • Insights: platform & reports
  • Analysis: attribution & contribution