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Acquisition marketing agency and solutions

Acquisition marketing aims to generate more qualified contacts, and to increase the conversion and ROI of your acquisition levers.

The Dékuple Ingénierie Marketing agency offers complete control of lead generation and conversion levers, through the entire conversion funnel (marketing funnel).


The challenges of customer acquisition

The main challenges of acquisition marketing relate to the ability to reach a large potential target, to generate qualified leads, and to work on these leads effectively, thanks to campaigns and the prospect experience, until conversion into order or purchase.

  • Identify and target your future customers

    To acquire new customers, it is first of all a question of knowing your market, your targets. Knowing customers through data and audience profiling tools is therefore a first step.

  • Increase your visibility and reach your prospects on all channels

    Thanks to the knowledge of your customers, you will be able to reach similar profiles across all channels, thanks to targeting solutions such as DataMatch.

  • Collect data and qualify your leads

    To capitalize on your acquisition investments, create first-party data collection systems and develop your prospect database. This will allow you to depend less on cookies and create a more efficient qualification and targeting system. The data will allow you on the one hand to segment and personalize prospecting messages, and on the other hand to score and better qualify your leads to prioritize your media and commercial investments.

  • Work all stages of the marketing funnel and optimize conversion

    Customer acquisition is based on an overview of customer journeys: from their visit to your site to their first order, the prospect’s experience must be fluid and personalized. The relationship with the prospect must be maintained and nurtured (prospect relationship management) and when the transformation of the lead is done digitally, the paths of the site and mobile applications must be designed to optimize conversions at each stage (conversion rate optimization).

  • Measure the performance of each lever and optimize your mix of acquisition levers

    To increase the return on investment (R.O.I.) of an acquisition marketing strategy, the first step is to acquire means of measuring conversions at each stage, on and off-line. Then, it is necessary to measure the attribution of conversions to each lever in order to optimize the marketing mix. Finally, it is relevant to measure the quality of leads not only on conversion, but on the value of new customers over time.

Inbound marketing: an acquisition strategy particularly suited to B2B

In B2B, the buying process can be longer and more engaging, and it is not always possible to exploit media levers on a large scale (it all depends on the size of the prospect population, etc.). In this case, creating the means to attract prospects to oneself, thanks to relevant and quality content is an excellent way to prospect. This inbound marketing strategy is based on the use of social networks, lead nurturing through marketing automation, and lead scoring in order to transmit only hot prospects to the sales teams.

Our expertise for brand activation campaigns

Our experts support you in the audit and design phases as well as in the creation and deployment of acquisition marketing systems:

  • Customer knowledge and targeting
    • Audience profiling and segmentation into geotypes
    • Multi-channel look-alike targeting
    • CDP and lead scoring
  • Upper funnel levers
    • Influencer Marketing
    • SEO and netlinking
    • Native ads
    • Audience extension (content platforms and dedicated newsletters)
  • Middle funnel levers
  • Lower funnel levers and generation of sales
    • Telephone and postal retargeting
    • Prospect relationship management (PRM) and marketing automation
    • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
    • Purchase incentives
  • Measurement and optimization of the acquisition ROI
    • Measurement of traffic generated at the point of sale (Track In The Shop)
    • Channel attribution measurement
    • Mix marketing modeling

Our views on acquisition marketing