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How to boost your customer knowledge thanks to Open Data?

Family Square, a Customer knowledge solution

We have created a profiling tool to optimise the performance of marketing campaigns. The data available in Open Data enabled us to create 23 geotypes that describe the 27 million French households.


We have aggregated 3 data sources available in Open Data for our repository


France is divided into 50,000 “housing”, “activity” or “miscellaneous” blocks of 2,000 inhabitants.

Data Tiles

France is divided into 2.3 million squares with sides of 200 metres. 90% of the squares contain an average of 40 households.


Repository of companies in France, including 12 million establishments.

23 families and 9 sub-types

Groupings are made according to :

  • the identification (age, household composition, income level…)
  • the typology of the housing area (type of housing, housing status…)
  • the environment of the settlement (number of shops, type of settlement, proximity to food shops, etc.)

In which cases use Family Square ?

1 Improved knowledge of your customers and prospects

  • Know who your customers or prospects are.
  • Enrich your CRM with data.
  • Identify your customers’ lookalikes.
  • Improve your targeting and your ROI.

2 Adaptation of the offer, the service and the communication channel

  • Personalise the content of your communications.
  • Test new omnichannel devices and measure performance.
  • Control your marketing spend by using the best channels.

3 Geomarketing campaigns

  • Identify the optimal catchment areas for your outlets.
  • Bring a more powerful targeting finesse.
  • Differentiate your marketing by geography.

4 Establishment of sales outlets, optimisation of routes

  • Optimise your sales rounds.
  • Identify the areas in which to locate your sales outlets.
  • Differentiate your marketing by geography