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Webinar Agence Dékuple x HENRI: How to Break the Codes of Your Sector?

Jimmy Fairly, Sézane… we have benchmarked successful DNVBs for you and laid out the methodology and good tips to build a strong brand that shakes up its sector 💥

Webinar hosted on November 14, 2023, by

  • Miryam Voide, Brand Manager HENRI
  • Sébastien Brocandel, Creative Director at Agence Dékuple
  • Elodie Dupuy, Digital Consulting Director at Agence Dékuple


Watch the webinar video



The marketing of Digital Native Vertical Brands (DNVB), like Jimmy Fairly and Sézane, has disrupted traditional codes by adopting innovative digital strategies. This article explores how these brands have established themselves in their sectors and how to draw inspiration from their success to develop an effective marketing strategy for a DNVB brand.

In this webinar, Elodie Dupuy, Digital Consulting Director, details 5 essential best practices. Discover also the marketing decisions of Miryam Voide, Brand Manager at HENRI, a wine brand created in 2021 that breaks the codes of a traditional sector.

1. DNVBs: Revolutionizing the Traditional Sector

DNVBs, born 100% digital, have quickly disrupted traditional sectors thanks to exceptional mastery of digital channels and an innovative product offering. For example, Jimmy Fairly integrated the entire value chain to offer high-quality glasses at competitive prices by eliminating intermediaries​​. Similarly, Sézane used monthly sales for charitable purposes, thereby reinforcing its community engagement​​.

2. The Omnichannel Strategy: The New Standard

As they grow, DNVBs adopt a hybrid model, combining e-commerce and physical presence. This omnichannel model enriches the customer experience by offering physical interactions while retaining the advantages of digital​​. Pop-up stores and collaborations are concrete examples of this approach, allowing new markets to be tested and offering unique experiences to customers.

3. Community and Engagement: The Pillars of Success

A strong community culture is essential for DNVBs. These brands invest heavily in digital and influence to engage their audience. For example, Jimmy Fairly uses Instagram to make itself known and engage directly with its clients​​. Sézane, through its charitable actions, strengthens its brand image and retains its clientele by sharing common values​​.

4. Partnerships and Limited Editions: Creating Exclusivity

DNVBs also exploit partnerships and limited editions to create a sense of exclusivity and rarity. These initiatives not only increase customer engagement but also attract new audiences by offering unique products, often in collaboration with other influential brands​​.

5. The Importance of Product Innovation

Innovation is at the heart of DNVBs. These brands do not just offer products; they provide solutions that meet current consumer needs. For example, the use of sustainable materials by Jimmy Fairly shows a commitment to the environment while offering high-quality products​​.

In Conclusion…

DNVBs like Jimmy Fairly and Sézane have redefined the rules of brand marketing by focusing on digital, community engagement, product innovation, and an omnichannel strategy. By drawing inspiration from their success, new brands can develop effective marketing strategies to establish themselves in their respective sectors.

Key Points for a Successful DNVB Strategy:

  1. Innovate and break the codes of the sector.
  2. Adopt an omnichannel strategy.
  3. Create and maintain an engaged community.
  4. Exploit partnerships and limited editions.
  5. Offer innovative and sustainable products.

By integrating these elements, brands can not only stand out but also create a lasting and loyal relationship with their customers.


Discover how Agence Dékuple brought the young HENRI brand to life


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