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LG Electronics Air Solution

From awareness to lead generation: disrupting B2B social media

How to give visibility to the LG Electronics brand in the air conditioning sector and generate leads through social media, on a European scale (12 countries)?


In 2018, LG Air Solutions wants to harmonise the voice of Europe as a whole, but also to enable each country to optimise its voice on local activities in order to create greater proximity with all targets.

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    From workshops with the sales force to measurement tools, content mapping and sponsorship strategy.

    Creation of Linkedin (Europe + subsidiary pages) and Facebook pages.

    Integrated lead generation system.

  • 2

    European-wide animation:

    Creation of the editorial planning tool and updates through editorial committees.

    Publications with centralised management and content adapted to each country.

    Creation of “snacked content”, adapted to each medium.

  • 3

    Generation of leads via social networks:

    Creation of a system combining social network contact forms and marketing automation (Salesforce Pardot) to supply the sales force with leads.

  • 4

    Performance management:

    Creation of a dashboard giving the LG Air Solutions marketing team a global view of all the actions initiated on their networks, thanks to data from Linkedin, Campaign manager, Facebook page insight, Google Analytics, Pardot.

LG Electronics - Post 3
LG Electronics - Linkedin page
LG Electronics - Post 4
Key points
  • Increasing awareness :

Increasing the visibility of publications and growing the community


  • Involve all countries:

Giving a voice to marketing teams in all countries through editorial boards


  • Optimising the content strategy :

Identify existing brand content for activation on social networks and create new relevant content


  • Managing campaigns :

Define the targeting and touchpoints of the various prospects, offer them
content to generate leads

the most DEKUPLE

2 disruptive ideas for a winning B2B social media strategy:


  • B2B speaking on Facebook

A way to reach all targets (installers, distributors, design offices, but also private individuals who influence the overall demand).


  • Combining Social Media and Marketing Automation

Post offering downloads, “native” contact form for social networks, and integration with marketing automation (Salesforce Pardot).

A true expert in Social Media strategy, DÉKUPLE Ingénierie Marketing B2B has a differentiated vision of social networks, to reach our targets with relevance. The agency also shows great creativity, always proposing new, sometimes disruptive approaches to differentiate the brand. This ability to make proposals has enabled us to make rapid progress.

Marie-Joséphine Beguin
European Marketing Manager

Key figures

Number of subscribers: a strong community that has grown
Engagement rate: increasing engagement demonstrating the interest of the community
Reach rate: optimised visibility through regular speaking engagements