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Rians: digital platform and CRM

How to use digital to get to know the brand's consumers better, and strengthen the link with them thanks to digital?

On the occasion of the new brand identity, the Dékuple agency has redesigned all the sites of the Rians digital ecosystem and redesigned the CRM animation of customers.


The creation of the new digital ecosystem has made it possible to strengthen the brand image through a new graphic design of the sites, an overhaul of content and photos, and to be closer to the needs of consumers with in particular the integration of a store search function and the creation and management of a relational program.

  • 1

    Strategic reflection on the digital objectives for the brand (image, consumer knowledge, drive to store…) and user-oriented design (by studying the different personae).

  • 2

    Creation of a communication charter for digital and redesign of visual content.

  • 3

    SEO optimization on all levels: technical best practices, content writing and redirection plan for the old ecosystem.

  • 4

    Production of ecosystem sites with the integration of different technical bricks: management of discount coupons, management of consumer reviews, consumer service requests, in-store search function (store finder), management of job offers…

  • 5

    Creation of the Customer Data Platform (CDP) of the Rians group, and structuring of consumer data, to allow the creation of segments and scores.

  • 6

    Animation of the newsletter program with the creation and management of the brand’s newsletters.

les key points

Complete overhaul of the digital ecosystem of the Rians brand, from the main site to the HR site.


User-centric approach to design, to take into account all the needs of different consumer profiles and institutional targets.


Creation and redesign of content to boost natural referencing and visitor engagement, and integration of digital functions to serve business objectives (drive to store).

The Dékuple touch

Complete management of the redesign of the digital ecosystem: UX/UI design, technical redesign, SEO, CDP and CRM…


Reconciliation of creative, technical and data approaches from the design stage.


Long-term management of the platform: management of KPIs, consolidation of SEO performance, relational animation plan.

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