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Activation marketing

Brand activation aims to exploit all operational marketing levers to create a brand experience that generates engagement with consumers.


The challenges of marketing activation

Marketing activation aims to strengthen the connection and emotional engagement of consumers with the brand. The objective is to boost the notoriety of the brand, its products, its actions or partnerships, on the occasion of a launch or a highlight campaign of the brand, by activating all the marketing levers operational.

  • Identify brand highlights and challenges

    The activation strategy must be based on the temporality of the brand (anniversary, brand or product launch, partnership, seasonality, etc.).

  • Create a strong activation concept, consistent with the brand

    To succeed in its objective of engaging with the audience and consumers, activation must be based on a striking creative concept, based on the strengths of the brand and consumer insights.

  • Capitalize on brand assets

    The brand activation campaign capitalizes on assets (brand content, sponsorship, partnerships, etc.) created or rolled out across all media.

  • Integrate all channels into an activation plan

    All of the brand’s channels and points of contact with the consumer must be involved in a 360 activation campaign, to optimize the brand’s impact power: on and off line media, social networks, website, sale…

  • Boost consumer engagement

    The content, mechanics and form of the campaign must create an “emotional connection” with consumers and encourage them to interact with the brand, and to actively participate in the outreach of the campaign.

  • Identify and activate opinion leaders

    Key opinion leaders (KOL) must be reached in a targeted way to relay the campaign to their circles of influence, and contribute to its virality.

  • Measure actual activation performance

    The performance of an activation campaign must be measured at different levels, through operational and economic KPIs (size of audience reached, commitment, visits to points of sale, purchases) and strategic KPIs (audience segments reached, notoriety, brand image).

Our expertise for brand activation campaigns

The DÉKUPLE Ingénierie Marketing agency combines expertise in brand strategy and creation with operational mastery of marketing channels and performance measurement for a complete marketing activation system. We support you on all activation issues:

  • Omnichannel orchestration
  • Brand content
  • Digital activation
  • Social media and influence
  • Partnership activation
  • Gamification operations
  • Trade marketing activation