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Trade marketing activation

Point of sale activation is a set of techniques aimed at increasing in-store sales, and more broadly at capturing the attention of customers or consumers and strengthening the link with them. These strategies concern both distributed brands and brands with their own distribution network.

The objectives of point-of-sale activation marketing

  • Generate traffic at the physical point of sale
  • Generate in-store sales
  • Collect first party data on consumers
  • Bringing an in-store brand experience to life, and thus boosting a communication or promotional campaign during a brand highlight

Create an activation concept and dramatize the point of sale

Our strategic planning and our creative team create an original and striking activation device, consistent with your brand platform and your communication strategy. We create a complete, gamified, and original device, and we adapt it to all of your communication assets: email, landing page, POS and theatricalization of the point of sale, product pack, etc.


For even more impact, we can create in-store animations or brand experiences, from the creative concept to the event organization.



Target your customers for your in-store activation campaigns

Our solutions allow you to target buyer profiles corresponding to your customers or consumers, near your points of sale and distribution. From your customer databases, we can target twin profiles by email, SMS or postal mail (discover our Family Square solution).

We design your activation campaign and deliver it, regardless of the chosen channel:

  • identification of targets and optimization of segmentation, thanks to our geomarketing knowledge
  • communication on this target, via the appropriate channel (email, SMS, mail, etc.)

Offer a fun, simple experience, and collect data on your consumers

We offer various activation formats to enrich the experience and encourage consumers to register or register a purchase:

  • gift for any purchase (100% winner): our TicketForGifts solution allows the validation of the purchase in store, by downloading proof of purchase
  • on-pack gift code with our CodesForGifts solution
  • contest and gamification at the point of sale

Offer appropriate rewards with a strong return on investment

CodesForGifts, our turnkey rewards solution offers over 5,000 local experiences, digital rewards and physical gifts. You can design your own selection of gifts, with different levels of values.

And if that’s not enough, we can integrate your own offers, or search for tailor-made partners for your campaign.

Our differentiating points for trade marketing activations

Dékuple supports you from the creation to the technical and logistical implementation of your trade marketing activation operations.

Support throughout the value chain:

  • Strategic planning, allowing to identify all the insights and weak signals of the market
    campaign design
  • Graphic design and brand content
  • Implementation,
  • Monitoring the results and return on investment of your campaigns

Proprietary solutions:

  • CodesForGifts: turnkey rewards solution, including more than 5,000 local experiences, digital rewards and physical gifts.
  • TicketForGifts: solution allowing the validation of the purchase in store, by downloading proof of purchase.