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6 new marketing awards for DÉKUPLE Ingénierie Marketing

DÉKUPLE just won 6 marketing awards in November in November by, just that!

2 times gold at the Marketing Trophies, and 3 prizes at the B2B Marketing Grands Prix (including the Grand Prix and the Special Jury Prize) and a Cas d´Or. Discover the achievements that have enabled such a harvest…

Gold at the Marketing Trophies, in the CSR category with AXA

For the ReBons campaign with AXA, to revitalize the local economy while retaining the loyalty of individual customers.


The B2B Marketing Grand Prix, with Algeco, for the 3rd consecutive year

DÉKUPLE B2B Marketing Engineering has created a system allowing Algeco, world leader in modular construction, to increase the ROI of its lead generation levers by moving from a cost per lead view to a cost per customer view.



The Special Jury Prize (at the B2B marketing GPs)

#NoComment (DÉKUPLE Ingénierie Marketing B2B) and our partner NeoDeal won this award by presenting the case study “How to help salespeople in their LinkedIn prospecting”. This case study shows how we have supported a major and international industrial player in the modernization of the prospecting approach of its sales force by introducing it to Modern Selling.



The Analysis and Data Visualization Prize (B2B Marketing Grand Prix), with Enablon

To optimize and boost the ROI of its digital marketing campaigns, Enablon has a Customer Data Customer Platform that unifies and centralizes all multi-source customer data for a 360 ° customer vision. Enablon was able to determine that digital impacted 88% of its leads.



Gold at the Marketing Trophies, in the Influence category, with MACIF

To allow MACIF to educate younger generations about the dangers of drug consumption without being judgmental, Reech has created an innovative interactive video system that has already generated more than 6 million views.


Photo de la remise du prix Trophées Marketing pour AXA

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