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The Dékuple agency launches the Shopping BOOSTER offer

A solution for retailers, to offer gift experiences and generate sales

The Dékuple agency is launching the Shopping BOOSTER offer, to support the sales of distribution networks in a context where consumer purchasing power is being tested.

Shopping BOOSTER is a turnkey solution that combines the know-how of the Dékuple agency in generating point-of-sale traffic and emotional loyalty. This solution makes it possible to target consumers in the catchment areas around the points of sale, and to offer them a local experience or one related to the activity of the brand, to support their purchasing power.

Inflation: a major challenge for brand marketing

INSEE forecasts indicate that inflation should reach 7% in 2023, the highest level in 40 years. This generalized price increase will have an impact on purchasing behavior, and 78% of French people intend to change their purchasing habits in the very short term. This context is risky for retail brands, whose customers risk turning away to ever lower cost products, or even online marketplaces.

How then can we avoid entering into a spiral of price competition, even as production and distribution costs increase?

How not to fall into an overbidding of promotions, which on the one hand does not make it possible to maintain the margins, and on the other hand risks to harm the positioning of the brand in the long term?

This is the challenge facing marketing decision-makers in 2023, and in particular marketing managers of retail brands whose positioning is mid or high-end.

Enrich the consumer experience by offering them an experience as a gift

The Dékuple agency has long been offering solutions to distribution networks to generate traffic at points of sale. In this new context, and to convince the customer to continue to come to the store, you need a little extra, attention that marks him emotionally.

This is our Shopping BOOSTER proposal: an offer that combines our traffic generation solutions with an experience offered as a gift for any purchase.

Why offer experiences as gifts?

  • To allow the consumer to make a good deal while buying the products he needs.
  • Because an experience marks on an emotional level, much more than a physical gift and builds customer loyalty.
  • Because unlike a physical gift, experiences have a limited environmental impact and contribute to the local economy

Thanks to our network of partners, we offer brands the opportunity to design a catalog of tailor-made gift experiences, in line with their own products. Thus, the gift enriches and completes the shopping experience.

For example,

  • a wine merchant can offer oenology or gastronomy lessons
  • a children’s game or clothing store chain can offer a subscription to edutainment content, or experiences to enjoy as a family
  • a network of beauty product stores can offer SPA or fitness sessions
  • for a network of service stations, it can be a choice of tourist and cultural visits, or family activities to choose near its destination
  • etc.

Shopping BOOSTER: a turnkey solution to attract and delight your customers at the point-of-sale

Our solution is designed for retailers and allows the deployment in a few days of a campaign or a common thread device combining drive-to-store and gift experience.

The solution is based on our expertise and proprietary solutions:

  • targeting your customers and their “twins” thanks to our DataMatch repository (25 million contacts) and our Family Square profiling solution
  • creation of the multi-channel campaign (SMS, geofencing, email, social ads, etc.)
  • point-of-sale traffic measurement with Track in the Shop.
  • tailor-made gift site and network of partners for local and digital experiences with Codes for Gifts

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