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MMV Rebranding

Reposition the hotel group by premiumizing its image

A major player in tourism in the Alps, MMV wishes to increase its general public awareness, which remains low, and improve its image, which remains linked to Club VV3 hotels (3* holiday villages) while the hotel stock is being renovated and modernized (70% of Clubs are less than 5 years old or have been renovated for less than 5 years).


The agency visited several establishments and conducted interviews with employees to better understand the brand and better understand internal expectations. These insights were invaluable in giving the creative directions for the rebranding and finalizing the brandbook in order to allow the brand to communicate from September to launch the new winter 2022/2023 season.

The key points
  • Ensure the upmarket brand and modernization
  • Initiate a reflection on the repositioning of MMV: refocus on the mountains, no longer mention the sea, find markers to distinguish itself from competitors…
  • Define a new charter supported by a new logo where the double M symbolizes a mountain that reaffirms the core business of the group
  • Define proprietary codes: a new logo, a new softer and pastel original palette with a dominant green color that stands out from competitors (abandonment of the blue and yellow duo associated with low-cost codes), graphic games with the double M. ..
  • Defining a new signature: “The Club Experience at the summits” which marks the renewed commitment to Club vacations and the world of the mountains.
  • Defining a more original “tone of voice” in speaking: the MMV touch is the presence of twists, slight shifts, which create surprise and generate proximity with the brand which does not take itself seriously . This new tone is expressed throughout the brand experience, in the clubs as well as on social networks or in the brochure.


Gold Trophy (French Marketing Awards 2022, Branding category)