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Shopping BOOSTER

Build loyalty and support consumers’ purchasing power by extending the shopper experience.

Build loyalty and support consumers’ purchasing power by extending the shopper experience. Discover our large catalog of experiences to offer your customers and our complete “drive to store” offer that will boost your sales without degrading your margins.

Enrich the consumer experience by offering them an experience as a gift

To convince the customer to continue to come to the store, you need a little extra, an attention that marks him on an emotional level. The ratio between the cost for the brand and the value in the eyes of the customer must be optimal.

This is our Shopping BOOSTER proposal: an experience offered as a gift, for any purchase.

Why offer experiences as gifts?

  • Because an experience marks on an emotional level, much more than a physical gift, and its perceived value can be higher relative to the cost
  • Finally, because at a time when environmental responsibility is a crucial issue, it is better to offer an experience than physical products whose production and logistics often have a significant environmental impact.

Thanks to our network of partners, we offer brands the opportunity to design a catalog of tailor-made gift experiences, in line with their own products. Thus, the gift enriches and completes the shopping experience.

For example,

  • a wine merchant can offer oenology or gastronomy lessons
  • a children’s game or clothing store chain can offer a subscription to edutainment content, or experiences to enjoy as a family
  • a network of beauty product stores can offer SPA or fitness sessions
  • for a network of service stations, it can be a choice of tourist and cultural visits, or family activities to choose near its destination
  • etc

A turnkey solution to attract and delight your customers at the point of sale

1 Experiences as gifts

We create a tailor-made gift experience offer for your brand, and manage end-to-end access to this offer by your customers by sending codes for each purchase. For this, we use our network of local and digital activity partners and create a dedicated site with Codes for Gifts.

2 Targeting of your prospects and customers

We target your customers and their “twins” thanks to our Data Match repository (25 million B2C contacts) and our Family Square profiling solution

3 Multi-channel drive-to-store campaign

We design a campaign that is both creative and impactful on the chosen levers (SMS, geofencing, email, social ads, etc.), to enhance the promise of the gift experience, and thus boost visits and sales in your store network.

4 KPIs monitoring

We measure conversions at two levels: visits to your points of sale using our Track in the Shop solution, and sales generated by sending gift codes.

The benefits of Shopping BOOSTER

A complete and easy-to-integrate solution

  • The operational implementation of the entire system takes less than a week
  • Without technical interfacing
  • End-to-end integrated solution thanks to the combination of our drive-to-store and loyalty solutions

A tailor-made and turnkey gift experience offer

  • The site of choice for the gift experience is in your colors, and without technical interfacing
  • You benefit from our network of partners for the creation of gift experiences, and if necessary we source new offers for you
  • Beyond the solution, you benefit from the support and advice of our retail marketing experts

The key figures of Shopping BOOSTER

Experiences selected throughout France integrated into Codes for Gifts
in 1
Shopping BOOSTER is three solutions in one: Drive to Store, Track in the Shop, and Codes for Gifts
The time required to deploy a drive-to-store device with Shopping BOOSTER.