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How to capitalize on your first party data?

Creating a CRM database and accumulating first party data is not an end in itself: you still have to keep it active, enrich it, and above all use it to strengthen your marketing strategy. What are the ways to make the most of your brand’s first-party data?

1. Tools don’t have to be a drag

To build and manage a first party customer database, it is not necessary to set up a technical gas plant. 4 functions are nevertheless necessary in the customer marketing animation platform:

  • Management of consent and preferences
  • Customer data management (segmentation, etc.)
  • Management of campaigns and multi-channel auto marketing
  • Dashboard and KPI monitoring

Many campaign management or marketing automation solutions meet these 4 needs, with more or less extensive functions: more dynamic content personalization capabilities, easier management of data used for personalization, better ergonomics in the creation of scenarios (customer journeys), more distribution channels… But for 80% of marketing needs, platforms can remain relatively simple to implement, and the cost often depends on the volume of contacts.

Once the device makes it possible to effectively meet the needs of communication and multi-channel marketing automation, with a minimum of customization, then it is advisable to consider supplementing with other solutions. For example, solutions integrating intelligent personalization (based on AI) of content; or solutions to enrich customer relationship scenarios, such as customer loyalty reward solutions.

2. Increase your capital of first-party customer data by enriching it

Once the first party data acquisition has been completed, it is important to enrich it, with two main axes:

Enrich touchpoints, to be able to communicate with customers through different relational marketing channels.

Thus, Dékuple’s DataMatch repository makes it possible, for example, to enrich your customer database with missing contact points or socio-demographic data.

DataMatch is:

  • 30M individuals in France (postal, e-mail, tel, sms)
  • matching from a point of contact (email or post)
  • full compliance with the GDPR (customer under 36 months)
  • an enrichment of your file of the order of 30% to 50%

Enrich customer profile data, in order to know them better, and thus to personalize its CRM communication and adapt its marketing strategy more generally.

A solution like Family Square allows you to enrich your customer and prospect contact data with socio-demographic data, starting from a postal address (and by extension an email or a telephone number, thanks to DataMatch) to associate each contact to one of the 23 geotypes defined in the solution.

These geotypes are a new typology based on the Carreaux repository and enriched with INSEE data (IRIS + SIRÈNE), and they are grouped according to the following dimensions:

  • Identification (age, household composition, income level, etc.)
  • Typology of the housing area (type of housing, housing status, etc.)
  • Environment of the housing area (number of shops, type of agglomeration, proximity to food stores, etc.)

Find out how the insurance brokerage company Avocotes increased the conversion rate of its telephone prospecting by 58% thanks to Family Square.

3. Believe in your brand… and animate your customer database

It’s a marketing paradox: many brand managers don’t imagine everything their brand can say to its fans, customers or prospects. And yet, you don’t need to be a “love brand” to create a relationship with your consumers. all the elements are often already present to set up a regular and complete editorial calendar.

Here are some examples of “communication moments” created by Dékuple for the clients that the agency supports in the FMCG sector.

  • Promotional content

For the Senseo brand, Dékuple creates gamification operations during brand highlights.

Opération gamification L'Or
  • CSR content

For Panier de Yoplait, Dékuple has developed a content platform around the brand’s commitments to the protection of honey bees.

  • Influencer content

For the mustard brand Maille, Dékuple entrusted influencers with the creation of content, relayed and amplified on all communication channels.

Contenus Maille sur des canaux de distribution
  • Chestnut contents

Each moment of the calendar can be exploited when the brand is legitimate to express itself, or even better when it is associated with an event linked to current events, such as the Tour de France for the Senseo brand.

Tour de France vs Senseo
  • Brand news content

The news of a brand can be enriched by its partnerships and provide opportunities to communicate with its target. This is how YOP’s partnership with Rudy Gobert provides many opportunities to communicate, especially during events created with the basketball star.


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