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Lead Generation and traffic acquisition

The Dékuple agency specializes in traffic and lead acquisition marketing, and offers all the levers and a unique methodology to achieve your objectives.


What is lead generation ?

Lead generation involves identifying and collecting information about people or companies who might be interested in your products or services. This is a pillar of marketing, based on targeting your audience, and which must supply the channels with conversions into prospect contacts and customers.

Lead generation and brand image: a subtle but essential balance

There are many ways to generate leads: different digital channels, different methods of targeting prospects, different marketing strategies aimed at attracting potentially interested contacts, and converting them. The balance must be carefully measured between volume and quality of leads, and the qualification of leads is a key issue, beyond the “cost per lead”.

Finally, although performance is the main issue of lead gen strategies, it is necessary to balance the search for performance and the construction of the brand image. Wanting to bet everything on the quantity of leads generated can sometimes lead to degrading the brand image, which is damaging in the long term. Conversely, building a strong brand contributes to increasing the performance of lead generation levers in the long term.

Our lead generation solutions

We propose to combine different lead generation levers according to your context and your objectives.

CPL generation levers

With these levers, we offer a cost-per-lead business model, which allows you to control your acquisition budget. The combination of the different levers allows us to optimize CPL over time.

Other lead generation levers

  • Cross-channel retargeting

Retargeting is essential in a lead generation strategy, because it allows you to retarget visitors to your sites, i.e. a base of intentionists who have shown an interest in your offers. Our offer is distinguished by the possibility of retargeting on channels usually dedicated to direct marketing (email, SMS, postal mail, telemarketing), thanks to our Data Match contact repository (more than 30 million contacts, including 25 million in B2C and 5 million in B2B).

  • Native ads

Native advertisements are advertisements that are naturally integrated into the content of a site or an application. They are designed to look like editorial content similar to other pieces of editorial material. Native ads are a powerful means of acquisition because they benefit from a premium and contextual editorial environment. Our expertise is distinguished by the use of native advertising in publisher newsletters, allowing targeting at the individual level according to numerous criteria, thanks to our proprietary solution Ividence. The business model is based on CPC, but we optimize the use of this lever thanks to the integration of conversions. Proprietary artificial intelligence allows us to maximize the effectiveness of targeting over time.

  • social ads

Social media can be an effective way to generate leads, thanks to its wide reach and the ability to target users based on their interests and location.

In B2C, offering contests or distributing special offers via platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or even Tik Tok, is an important lever for acquiring prospects. These social media platforms generally offer the use of cookies to track on-site conversions, and thus optimize the targeting of a campaign.

In B2B, social ads posted on LinkedIn are also an effective lead provider, in particular combined with the production of content such as downloadable guides and white papers. LinkedIn offers to use native form formats. Targeting on LinkedIn by company (account based marketing) is a classic B2B acquisition strategy.

  • Marketing automation and lead nurturing

Automated marketing is the fact of programming the triggering of marketing actions automatically and according to preconceived scenarios. This is often the automation of communication with customers or prospects, by email, SMS or push notifications in mobile applications. In particular, auto marketing is widely used for “lead nurturing”: that is to say, for scenarios of communication with prospects aimed at increasing the degree of warmth of leads, that is to say at closer to the order or the making of contact (the conversion). These are, for example, welcome messages, highlighting useful content, or a special offer, or even waking up prospects who have not responded to a quote request. These scenarios must be adapted to the context of each company.

The specificities of lead generation in a B2B sales context

In B2B, strategies for acquiring commercial leads are generally different: the sales process is longer, goes through commercial contacts, customers learn more about products and compare offers before deciding… Here is three particularities of lead gen levers in B2B:

Targeting with account-based marketing (ABM)

B2B business strategies are often geared towards particular industry verticals or business typologies. The contents are adapted to respond to specific contexts.

Boost inbound marketing

The sales process often starts with the search for a solution or information by future customers. Disseminating informative and rich content, to interest the prospect and gain his trust, via social networks or search engines (SEO) makes it possible to generate and qualify “incoming” contacts.

Optimize lead nurturing

Sales in B2B being a long cycle, and it is often necessary to schedule communications between the collection of the lead and its conversion, to make it progress in the conversion tunnel or to nurture the relationship with the prospect.

Our lead collection method

Step 1: analysis

Definition of your collection objectives in terms of volume, qualification, cost of acquiring a new customer, thanks to your history and our benchmark for your sector.

Profiling of your customer database thanks to our strategic planning and our solutions such as Family Square and Dékuple Watch, in order to allow better targeting thanks to the search for twin profiles (“look alike”).

Step 2: Strategy

Proposal of collection levers with the creation of different media and their distribution on our network and that of our partners.

Step 3: test and learn

First period of tests on different levers chosen together, with a budget envelope and a determined period.
Performance analysis at the end of this period, in order to define the best mix of levers for deployment and to project the business plan.

Step 4: deployment and optimization

Deployment on all the selected levers and permanent optimization in order to achieve the objectives set and maintain the collection of leads in terms of quantity and quality.

Conversion tracking and performance optimization

Lead tracking

We send leads in streams to be processed over time on the marketing channels to be activated. Each lead includes a code allowing to know the acquisition lever and the collection source. By setting up a conversion reporting system (feedback), we can together manage the optimization of collection levers and sources

Performance management

Performance is managed over time, with an increasingly relevant indicator. For example,

  • Short term: cost of acquiring a qualified contact
  • Medium term: cost of acquiring a customer or an engaged contact (regularly interacting with the brand)
  • Long term: acquisition cost compared to customer lifetime value

Lead Scoring to Increase Conversion Effectiveness

Our data scientists have developed predictive models to assign a score to leads. The score calculation depends on the context and the data set available: it can integrate data such as the origin of the lead, its postal address, its qualification data, the moment of the contact, the interest detected for a product, the frequency of consultation of content or interaction with the brand…

Thanks to this scoring, the company can prioritize the leads to be processed, when processing by customer service or sales representatives is required. It can also lead to offering different messages, with special offers or additional contact channels to the leads with the most value a priori.

Our points of view about traffic acquisition and lead generation