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Customer loyalty

Customer loyalty marketing aims to increase the “customer lifetime value”, and thus to offset the cost of acquiring new customers. This requires a comprehensive loyalty strategy, from enriching the customer experience to customizing offers.


The stakes of customer loyalty

The main challenge of customer loyalty is to increase the “customer lifetime value”, that is to say the value generated for your company throughout the relationship with a customer, directly and indirectly. This overall objective depends on different factors and therefore marketing levers, which touch on different issues.

  • Identify your customers

    This is the prerequisite for loyalty: it is a question of being able to identify your customers in order to embark them on a relational program by communicating with them directly via the various channels and excluding them from your prospecting actions.

  • Know your customers better

    Enriching customer data is key to personalizing messages, segmenting your customer base, and measuring the performance of your loyalty strategy. Loyalty programs are a great way to collect first-party data on your customers, and put it to use in communication.

  • Optimize sales with a personalized CRM strategy

    Thanks to customer knowledge, you can adjust ultra-precisely the recommendations of products and services adapted to the context of each customer, to improve your commercial performance (repeat purchase, cross-sell, up-sell).

  • Personalize and enrich customer experience

    The customer experience is a strong driver of loyalty: the fluidity of user journeys, the richness of content and services, the impact of communications, the quality of after-sales service… All these elements contribute strongly to loyalty, and must be integrated in reflection.

  • Increase customer satisfaction

    Customer satisfaction is a parameter naturally correlated to loyalty: it is important to be able to monitor it regularly and objectively, through the various points of contact.

  • Convert your customers into brand ambassadors

    Satisfied and loyal customers are potentially the best influencers of your brand. By integrating prescription levers (reviews, testimonials, sponsorships, etc.) into your relationship marketing system, you increase the overall value generated with your customers.

  • Increase customer retention

    Loyalty also involves the ability to anticipate leaks (churn) and limit them through appropriate retention systems: identification of the risk of churn, reactivation scenarios, compensation for dissatisfaction, renewal offers, etc.

The specificities of customer loyalty in a B2B context

Retaining professional customers is essential because sales cycles are generally longer than in B2C, and the cost of losing a customer is higher. The context of the B2B customer relationship requires an appropriate loyalty strategy:

  • Combine loyalty and commercial relationship

    The B2B customer relationship is generally managed by a salesperson from the brand (or from a distributor), who should be involved in the loyalty process.

  • Strengthen the relationship with the company’s key contacts

    Retaining a company means creating a positive relationship with each of the key contacts within it.

  • Build loyalty with pro services

    For a pro customer, the recognition of loyalty must go through services: to accompany the handling of the product, but also to recognize its status: priority delivery, dedicated customer service, testing of new products, on-site training, marketing support…

Our expertise for loyalty

DÉKUPLE Ingénierie Marketing agency is an expert in the creation and implementation of customer loyalty schemes, combining creativity, brand experience and measurable marketing performance. Our experts support you in the realization of all your customer loyalty systems, from the audit to the deployment, and until their animation and the management of the performance:

Our points of views about customer loyalty marketing